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We are your local charity and by recycling your business waste with us you will make a difference to the lives of local people! We recycled over 200 tonnes of cardboard last year and at CLiC we are proud of our reuse and recycling activities. Can we recycle the commercial waste for your company or organisation, providing your business an environmental and economic solution to your commercial waste problems whilst supporting your local charity and social enterprise?


Mattress springs Mattresses are a growing problem for all landfill operators, as it can take over 10 years for a mattress to decay in the ground. Some landfill operators have banned mattresses altogether; concerned with the damage they can cause to vehicles running over them and to their own landfill machinery.

All material we process is reclaimed and recycled including cotton, nylon, woven pad, metal and foam. Each material has its own varying commercial use.

Quilt Scrap
The Polyurethane foam (PU foam) and the attached polyester cloth can be sent to be chopped and re-bonded into carpet padding.

Fabrics & Fibers
A number of renewable plant and animal fibers – including cotton and wool – are used in mattresses. They can be used in a variety of recycled products and applications including oil filters, mats and stuffing.

Synthetic Fiber Pad
This usually dark blue/grey matting of long fibers cab be ‘closed looped’ back into making more synthetic fiber pads. This sorted of padding can be used again in mattress or automobile underlayment.

Steel Springs
The tempered steel is commonly shredded, sent to steel mills and remade into thousand of metal products including tools, automobiles, and construction materials. If the springs are not too worn then they can also be remanufactured into new mattresses. We at CLiC both supply these springs as part of our deconstruction process and purchase them back to be able to supply low cost new beds

For box spring frames, the timber can be sent to a variety of end markets that can transform clean wood into other products such as tempered flooring, particle/chip board and other varieties of pressed wood products. We at CLiC also use wood for “waste to energy” – i.e. we keep our warehouse warm with a biomass burner!

As all this recycled material benefit steel, textile, bed and carpet manufacturing. This in turn creates gainful employment and reduces high dependency on landfills.

Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard bales Stockrooms and warehouses in their very nature generate a huge amount of cardboard packaging waste. Huge environmental and cost savings can be made in recycling that waste rather than paying for a dumpster and fuel to sending it to landfill.

The most efficient way for any business to manage their waste is to segregate and compact using a waste baler. The results are: fewer bins, less staff time spent handling waste, lower waste disposal costs, and a tidier, safer workplace, while also helping to protect the environment. CLiC can take that cardboard waste and compact that material down with our new mill size baler for you.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling

WEEE logo Recycling of WEEE is now a specialist part of the waste and recycling industry. It is a rapidly growing sub-sector due largely to the implementation of the WEEE Directive in the UK by the WEEE Regulations in 2006, setting of stringent recycling targets and recent events such as the digital TV switchover.

We are one of a handful of charitable organisations in Cheshire that are certified Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF) and Designated Collection Facilities (DCF), meaning we can collect WEEE and carry out the reuse and recycling of large domestic appliances. Our operation is quite impressive and we are happy to show you round our facilties. Just give us a call.

We issue “evidence notes” to the Environment Agency as part of the Europe wide attempt to reduce end of life electrical waste and to show that a certain tonnage and category of WEEE has been re-used, recycled or recovered by us.
For more information about how we can deal with your commercial waste please contact Gary Cliff on (01606) 827120

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