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In order to keep this great enterprise going we need volunteers to come in and help. Volunteering is about giving your time to do something useful and helping others. In return you get the satisfaction of time and effort well spent. You will gain a feeling of self-worth and respect and volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain useful experience.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteering at CLiC can be for a number of reasons. For some, it’s to meet new people, and to offer something back to the local community or to make a difference to people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or to build upon existing experience and knowledge.

Route to Employment
For some, volunteering can be a route to employment. These days anyone in the working-age population needs that something extra on their CV to show they are motivated, experienced and able to work with anyone. Volunteering proves you can do just that. It can also be a chance to try something new which may lead to a career change. From this perspective, volunteering for CLiC can be a way of:

• Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience
• Developing existing skills and knowledge
• Enhancing a CV
• Builds your confidence in the work place
• Improving one’s employment prospects
• Gaining an accreditation through training courses.
• Using one’s professional skills and knowledge to benefit others.

Social Benefits
For others, volunteering appeals because of its social benefits. These include:

• Meeting new people and making new friends
• A chance to socialise
• Getting to know the local community
• A positive impact on one’s health

Roles Available

The range of opportunities at CLiC is huge. Whatever skills and experience you have, we are sure we can put your talent, initiative and knowledge to good use. We need volunteers in the following areas:

office papers and stationaryReception & Admin
People who are enthusiastic and customer focused with excellent customer service skills. Entering information accurately into databases. A good telephone manner and record keeping is essential.

Key skills required: Good communicator with great interpersonal skills. PC literate with good level knowledge of Mircosoft Office applications. Accuracy with an eye for detail and highly organised.

Graphs & charts Finance
Helping with financial record-keeping.

Key skills required: Good communicator. An analytical and logical approach to problem solving. Commercial awareness. Good all-round IT skills.

Marketing strategy chart Marketing
To get our message across to our clients, customers and the general public. Looking at our marketing and social media tools to make sure they’re benefiting us as much as possible.

Key skills required: Excellent communicator. Interpersonal skills. Business and commercial acumen. Creativity and imaginative.

Computer code IT & Website Work
Help to improve, fix and maintain our IT systems, equipment and website. Setting up new equipment and upgrading existing systems. Looking for people who can code in both HTML and CSS for website work.

Key skills required: A thorough knowledge of operating systems, networking, hardware and software. Excellent problem-solving skills. Good knowledge of HTML, CSS and WordPress.

Price tag Online Sales
People who are sales driven with good marketing skills. Selecting, photographing, researching, describing and listing items to be sold on our eBay store. Responding to customers messages and processing invoices.

Key skills required: PC literate. Accuracy with an eye for detail and highly organised. Some basic HMTL coding knowledge would be advantageous, but can be taught.

multimetre Electrical Workshop
Cleaning domestic appliances. Carrying out PAT inspections and functional testing of electrical goods and appliances. Parts recovery, simple repairs and data entry onto spreadsheets.

Key skills required: Technical knowledge of functioning and repairing appliances an advantage. An analytical and logical approach to problem solving. A good level of physical fitness is also important.

Forklift sign Warehouse Work
Moving stock around by hand and lifting gear. Loading and unloading goods. Operating the bailing machine. Stripping mattresses for recycling. Putting together flat pack furniture. Keeping the warehouse tidy.

Key skills required: Need to be a good team player. Good spatial awareness and judgement are essential. A good level of physical fitness is also important.
Mentoring a trainee Mentoring
To support volunteers with extra support needs, including adults with learning difficulties, mobility issues, sensory difficulties. To help others who need a little more confidence and help them to feel valued.

Key skills required: Patient and supportive. Excellent communicator with great interpersonal skills. Trustworthy, be able to treat information in the strictest of confidence.

pie chart Business Development
Generate new ideas and the ability to move them forward.

Key skills required: Strong research and strategic analysis skills. Excellent communicator, both verbal and written. Strong presentation skills and highly organised.

Fundraising Thermometer Fundraising
To increase the contributions of individuals and groups to us by building relationships and exploring new fundraising opportunities from various sources. Also undertaking research projects and write funding bids.

Key skills required Excellent organisational and time management skills. Good IT and financial recording skills. A good understanding of the fundraising sector.

Newspapers PR & Media
Helping with PR strategies. Building relationships with the media. Working with marketing in overseeing content production (adverts, social media and online content). Bringing in new business opportunities.

Key skills required: Excellent in both verbal and written communication. Creative thinking with good initiative. Analyse management needs. Organised manner. An interest in all forms of media.

Price tag Shop Floor Sales
People who are sales driven with excellent customer service skills. Willing to cover a range of store duties including helping customers, till operations, and keeping the store clean and tidy.

Key skills required: Good teamwork. Confidence in giving information and advice. PC literate with a good knowledge of Mircosoft Office applications. Flexibility to do different tasks.

Cleaning equipment Cleaning
Working with others, responsible for the cleanliness of the shop floor area, canteen and items on sale. Following strict Health & Safety procedures. Making sure COSHH regulations are adhered to.

Key skills required: Self-motivation, trustworthy, reliability, patience and a thorough approach to every task. A reasonable level of physical fitness is also important.

Cabinet drawer Furniture Workshop
Experience in joinery or upholstery. Making, repairing and cleaning furniture and woodwork. Assess furniture brought into the warehouse. Set about repairing items so they can be resold.

Key Skills required: Good practical skills. An organised and methodical approach to work. An eye for detail and quality. A reasonable level of fitness.

Van wheel Drivers/Deliveries
Experienced drivers who are reliable and punctual. Help to keep vehicle clean and tidy. Look after equipment and assess quality of goods. To carry out warehouse duties when not on deliveries.

Key skills required: Clean driving licence and good road safety awareness. Good verbal and written communication skills. The ability to complete record sheets and paperwork. A good level of fitness for lifting items.

Training Instructor Training
Developing our staff, volunteers and the wider community through our work based learning approach. Also helping people who are trying to get into the work by develop their skills and knowledge.

Key skills required: Training qualification would be an advantage. Determination and enthusiasm. Good organisational skills. Excellent communicator with great interpersonal skills. Patience and the ability to motivate and inspire people.

Trustees Trustee
The organisation would like to have a broad range of knowledge and experience on the board to help support the work done by CLiC. As a trustee, you will use your skills and experience to make sure the charity runs efficiently and to its full potential. We are particularly interested to hear from people who can demonstrate expertise in any of the following disciplines: Legal – Contractual – Financial – Employment/HR – Operational Management or Waste Licensing.

Key skills required: Business and financial planning. Commercial awareness. Excellent organisational and management skills. Excellent communicator with great interpersonal skills. Trustworthy, be able to treat information in the strictest of confidence.


Travel Costs
If you intend to travel to CLiC by your own vehicle, CLiC will pay 20 pence per mile to help with petrol costs.

If you intend to travel by either bus or train, then we will also reimburse your costs.

We provide a set limit for lunches for our all-day volunteers.

Protective Clothing
CLiC will cover the cost for any appropriate protective clothing you may need.

Get Started

For more information please contact us on (01606) 827120.

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Changing Lives in Cheshire is a charity and social enterprise to
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