Recruitment Policy

At Changing Lives Together we hire staff and accept volunteers the following basis:


  • We obey the law.

  • If a DBS check or a skill or qualification is needed (e.g. a driving licence or a degree) then it must be proven before starting work.


  • We do not discriminate against any candidates because of their sexual orientation, physical or mental health conditions, age, creed, skin colour or anything else.  For non-specialist roles we take the first person we can accommodate.


  • We have recruited people from responses to our adverts, job centres, government work schemes, the probation service, disabled people’s groups, other charity referrals and walk in’s off the street.


  • We have a track record in taking on people with disabilities, including wheelchair users.


  • We have a track record in taking on people with accompanying carers.


  • We do not tolerate criminal behaviour in our premises.


  • If folks mess up at work, we will give training and guidance if appropriate.  However, people have been sacked for not working properly.


  • We don’t gossip or break confidences.

  • We try to arrange things to give people a second chance in recruitment and at work.

How many of these things does your employer do?

Winsford Warehouse Store

(open - card payment only)

Unit 12, Road Two

Winsford Industrial Estate



(tel: 01606 827120)

Ellesmere Port Market

(closed until August 2020)

Market Square

Ellesmere Port

CH65 0HW

(tel: 0151 355 8535)


(closed for now)

Cockhedge Centre

Prince Henry Square



(tel: 01925 634112)

Winsford Outlet Store

(open - card payment only)

Winsford Cross

13 Dingle Walk



(tel: 01606 594142)

Changing Lives in Cheshire, Changing Lives in Ellesmere Port, Changing Lives in Warrington

and Cheshire Community Development Trust are trading names of Changing Lives Together.

Registered in England & Wales: Charity 1139983 & Company 07400060

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