Volunteer at CLiC

"To move forward you have to give back"

Oprah Winfrey

How you can help us

In order to keep this great enterprise going we need volunteers to come in and help. Volunteering is about giving your time to do something useful and helping others. In return you get the satisfaction of time and effort well spent. You will gain a feeling of self-worth and respect and volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain useful experience.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering at CLiC can be for a number of reasons. For some, it’s to meet new people, and to offer something back to the local community or to make a difference to people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or to build upon existing experience and knowledge. Over 75% of staff at CLiC start as a volunteer within the organisation and often this is the first time that they have entered the world of work. 

Roles available

The range of opportunities at CLiC is huge. Whatever skills and experience you have, we are sure we can put your talent, initiative and knowledge to good use. We need volunteers in the following areas:

Reception and Admin
Business Development
Furniture Workshop
Furniture Workshop
Electrical Workshop
Warehouse Work
Drivers and Deliveries
IT & Website Development
Online & Store Sales
Marketing, PR & Media
Become a Trustee


Travel Costs
If you intend to travel to CLiC by your own vehicle, CLiC will pay 25 pence per mile to help with petrol costs.

If you intend to travel by either bus or train, then we will also reimburse your costs.


We provide a set limit for lunches for our all-day volunteers.


Protective Clothing
CLiC will cover the cost for any appropriate protective clothing you may need.


Get Started

For more information please contact us on 01606 827120.

Winsford Warehouse Store

(open - card payment only)

Unit 12, Road Two

Winsford Industrial Estate



(tel: 01606 827120)

Ellesmere Port Market

(closed until August 2020)

Market Square

Ellesmere Port

CH65 0HW

(tel: 0151 355 8535)


(closed for now)

Cockhedge Centre

Prince Henry Square



(tel: 01925 634112)

Winsford Outlet Store

(open - card payment only)

Winsford Cross

13 Dingle Walk



(tel: 01606 594142)

Changing Lives in Cheshire, Changing Lives in Ellesmere Port, Changing Lives in Warrington

and Cheshire Community Development Trust are trading names of Changing Lives Together.

Registered in England & Wales: Charity 1139983 & Company 07400060

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